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"In a nutshell, Jason created our marketing analytics capability. He was able to figure out what data we collect, where it is, what was missing, and hook it all up so we canget meaningful, actionable data. Our marketing efforts have improved leads and conversions in some cases by an order of magnitude. He knows his stuff."
Chris Foleen, Marketing Project Coordinator, TransCore, Inc.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What is NWSEM About?

So, I found this website called
Wordle where you can feed it information and it will do a nice word cloud of whatever you give it.  People put in their music libraries, email accounts, all kinds of stuff.  I thought I'd put in NWSEM.  I think I know what I write about on this blog, and I can see what Google Webmaster Tools thinks of my site, but what does Wordle think?  Well, here it is:

Pretty cool.  I had no idea navigation was such a hot topic on my own blog!  

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